Essay on Divorce And Its Effect On Society

1482 Words May 21st, 2015 6 Pages
Divorce is all too common in today’s society. Marriages which use to be so sacred is now something if you don’t like how its turning out you can just divorce your spouse. But do these men and women take in to consideration how this will affect their kids. Most say yes that they tried to work it out for the kids but it didn’t work out. So how does the child or children really feel how does it affect them. In this essay I will look into the circumstances of divorce and what it does to children in the household how it affects their socialization, schooling, and just day to day life. Divorce can be defined as: the termination of a martial union, the cancelling and reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibility of marriage thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the law of the particular country and or state. You can go back to when United States wasn’t even the United States yet just the colonies and divorce was there. Back then you needed proof or a good reason like stated here “The legislative body was allowed to grant divorce on the basis of adultery, desertion, bigamy, and in many t cases impotence”(Admin 2014 ). It wasn’t until 1970s when they had No fault divorces. This was the biggest change to divorce ever seen. The party did not be at fault for there to be a divorce you could divorce simply because you didn’t like it. Currently in the US the divorce rate is between forty percent to 50 percent that’s nearly half of all…

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