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Divine Roles Across Cultures

Part I

Select one common divine role that recurs in world mythology.

Possible options of divine roles include the following: father or mother divinities, divinities of war, home or hearth divinities, divinities of love, divinities of wisdom, divinities of medicine or health, divinities of the wind, divinities of agriculture, divinities of the sky, ruler of all the gods, and so on.

Identify the role in the title of your table.

Select two myths, each from a different culture, in which the divine role appears. Identify the divinity names and cultures in columns A and B.

Complete the table by answering each of the five questions for both selected divinities.

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Part II

Write a 150- to 350-word short essay addressing the following: Why do so many cultures have divinities in similar roles?

After completing my reading, I found that mythology evolved in different cultures as a way to explain life and answer important questions pertaining to human existence. Questions such as how did the universe come to be? What really happens and where do we go when we die? Is there really a God or some higher power that created all of existence and what is in it? Surprisingly enough, most people already have an idea or a preconceived notion that may answer these questions. Do we ever really know who dictated the book on human behavior, what is acceptable and not acceptable. Survival, is it a given instinct or were there laws and instructions on how it should be and taught to the early residents of this world and passed on through time. In some cultures, some behaviors are viewed as evil or wrong, some exhibit leadership and power and other behavior may be considered cowardly or weak. We feel the weak should be protected and the wrong brought to justice, let the accused have the opportunity to prove their innocence.

In Greek mythology, Zeus became the supreme god by fighting against the Titans and Cronus to take over the universe. Zeus and his brothers won that battle. Zeus is a male god and ruler of all the gods on Olympus, he is the most

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