Diversity Of African American And Hispanic Parents : A Comparative Study Of Racial Socialization

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Diversity in Racial and Cultural Socialization
Hughes, Diane. 2003. "Correlates of African American and Latino Parents ' Messages to children
About Ethnicity and Race: A Comparative Study of Racial Socialization." American Journal Of Community Psychology 31, no. 1/2: 15. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed November 6, 2015).
Racial and ethnic discrimination has always been a prominent discussion theme in minority households which is why social scientists are now becoming greatly interested in looking at this phenomenon. Although racial socialization is a perceptible component of child rearing practices among ethnic minority parents, it is still uncertain what the connection between how racial and ethnic discrimination is discuss and their wellbeing is established. Scholars attempt to comprehend how parents’ ethnic identity, beliefs and values are passed on to their children. This study takes an in depth look to see if African American parents would report more racial socialization than would their Puerto Rican and Dominican counterparts, as well if racial socialization was more prevalent among parents who reported having stronger ethnic identity which in turn would be perceived as belonging to a disadvantaged group. Furthermore the age of their children would be taken into account to analyze the impact age has on racial bias preparation.
Diane Hughes explores the depths of cultural socialization by combining the behavioral and cognitive…

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