Diversity and Virtual Team Essay

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Diverse and Virtual Teams
Bus 362 Management Skill Development
November 10, 2011

Diverse and Virtual Teams

The world is a growing and changing place, and in business we have seen many changes occur. Most of these changes are of a result of globalization and multiculturalism Diverse and virtual teams have developed in response. The work force has become more diverse and spread out, and it has forced managers to adjust and change their management styles to adapt to the new work force needs. This paper will address the risks, the benefits, and the ways managers plan to manage the new diverse and mobile teams. In the past there was not much diversity among work teams. There was
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The difficulty in understanding may prove to be stressful as there is a communication barrier and also the responses may not be predictable since there is no common ground. This lack of predictability may also reduce trust and create misunderstandings. A well managed diverse work team has great potential to outperform homogenous work teams. The question is, how does one properly manage and lead diverse work teams? There are several things that can be done to manage a diverse team. These steps consist of understanding and creating value of diverse teams, creating a team identity, paying attention to team norms and work processes, clearly measure performance and give ongoing feedback and being a role model. When managing diverse teams, one needs to create value and understand the value of diverse teams. The leader should encourage everyone to make use of the diversity among the team in how they think through and solve problems. Diverse teams have different knowledge bases and a different pool of resources. Diverse teams have the potential to see a situation in many different ways and develop the best solutions. Effective managers also need to create a team identity. When teams are formed, it is important for the team to create a common identity and overcome the visible differences in the team. This

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