Distracting The Audience 's From The Historical Literature With Personal Events

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Distracting The Audience’s from the Historical Literature with Personal Events
Imagine yourself as a parent, walking down the street with your children getting racial slurs and dirty looks yelled at you and your children. While at home you and your children would hear those racial slurs over and over again in your mind. Their whole concept of being confident of who they are broken and destroyed; their self-esteem crushed.
Such was the environment of the South Africans during Apartheid. The article, “What Life Was Like In South Africa During Apartheid” by Michelle Faul, gives many account that show the horrors of Apartheid. One that particularly stood out was the one about Ethel Pillay, a mother, had to make a choice for her three daughters. They packed up their bags and moved to Zimbabwe. , said to Business Insider, “My mother was furious. The operators of the gas station in rural, racist South Africa had taken her money to fill the car, but would not give her the key to the toilets. They were for whites only.” She told Business Insider the reason why her mother drove was because of the conditions taking a train had. Michelle said, “halfway through the trip, in the middle of the night, they (Blacks) would have to get out of the Rhodesian Railways compartments and transfer to decrepit blacks-only South African carriages”, this was all part of the segregation of the two races. Apartheid is the stage and time of unfair judgement and racism in South Africa. This…

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