Dispute Resolution Advantages And Biblical Approaches Essay

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Dispute Resolution Advantages, Disadvantages and Biblical Approaches

Disputes are inevitable in every facet life. The underlying factor that contributes to most disputes is a disagreement or argument about something deemed important to the individuals or entities involved. Dispute resolution is a vital component of settling disagreements and keeping peace. Dispute resolution consist of several different processes used to resolve disputes between individuals or entities. This paper will attempt to discuss the various forms of dispute resolution and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition, this paper will discuss the Biblical approach to dispute resolution.
There are several forms of dispute resolution. Dispute resolution can take the form of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Each process must provide an overall goal of resolving a dispute by providing at least some of each parties’ needs and address their interests. Negotiation is the most common and basic form of settling disputes. The process involves back-and-forth communication between the parties involved in conflict, with the goal of trying to find a solution. Negotiation allows both parties to participate directly in decisions that affect them. The end-result of a negotiation, a negotiated agreement, can become a contract and be enforceable. Mediation is usually the next step if negotiation is unsuccessful. Mediation is a voluntary process in which a mediator assist with…

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