Essay on Disposable People, By Kevin Bales

2292 Words Dec 15th, 2016 10 Pages
Disposable People Research Paper According to the dictionary, slavery is defined as a situation where one person has absolute power over another. Therefore, a slave is a person who is stripped of their liberty, dignity, and basic human rights. Slavery is an inhumane act that is seen as intolerable all around the world and is not lawful as constituted by the United Nations. Slavery is most often found to take place in developing countries where free labor draws in a massive profit. If a person in America was to be questioned about slavery, it is likely that they would only be knowledgeable about the brief slavery that occurred in America. Additionally, a majority of people residing in the United States today are unaware of the fact that slavery didn’t occur only within America, but took place all around the world, and is still happening, even in America. “Disposable People” is a book written by Kevin Bales which highlights 3 different types of modern slavery (Chattel Slavery, Debt Bondage, and Contract Slavery) in 5 different states and how it can be stopped from an economic standpoint. This research paper will be going in depth about the occurrences of slavery in Brazil, India, and Mauritania which can be seen in “Disposable People”. Additionally, I will be speaking about Thailand from a different source. Each case study will also be compared and contrasted as to highlight common themes that are present globally. As the wise Harriet Tubman once said “I freed a thousand…

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