Essay on Disney Movies Are Not So G Rated

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Disney movies are not so G-rated as many assume. Disney movies portray secrets that are hard to catch while watching. There are regulations to pass in order for movies to be G-rated. Somehow Disney producers can get movies to meet the regulations with having all those secrets in the movies. Those secrets hidden in Disney movies have to do with hetero- romantic love and heterosexiness. I argue that today’s definition of hetero- romantic and heterosexuality is way different than years ago. Today people express love and sexuality openly no matter what age the listeners are.
Relieving The Invisible About G-rated Disney Movies
Once upon a time Fiona married Lord Farquaad and Shrek married an ogre, Cinderella didn’t fit into the glass slipper, Ariel never became human, Mulan never went to fight as a man, Lightening McQueen never met Sally or Mater, Sully never became friends with Mike Wazowski, and Disney never existed. Children in the United States and around the whole world would have a whole different meaning of fairy tales. Fairy tales wouldn’t be as pleasant to watch, because there would be no such thing as a happily ever after.
Every fairy tale is the same. Starting with “Once upon a time….” and “They lived happily ever after.” But what happens in between? Children love fairy tales because they are magical. Children can construct fantasy lands from the fairy tales, and can use their imaginations during play time. Girls adore pretending to be princesses and falling in…

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