Disney Director Making A Lot Of Money From The Film Essay examples

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Colin Trevorrow one of the Hollywood director making a lot of money from the film, who have the support of other successful male director in the industry helps mentoring him that he successful make 1.6 billion dollars from direct and co-write the Jurassic world movie. Trevorrow discriminate women by saying that women do not have the desire to direct studio blockbusters and his film also featuring as a cold career woman. In fact, men were easily successful, whether to Hollywood studio, agents, financing and big paycheck and avoid women direct that will break the norm. Leslye Headland a writer and director who inspire by Trevorrow work and achievement, but want to make films that will featuring female character like the male character to inspire other female or little girls. Headland have made lot of money from her films, but female director was not celebrated the same ways as men and as she states, women face this dark loop that won’t women be hire if they don’t have experience, which if women are not hiring they will not get the experience. Female director only makes up a small percentage from 100 top-grossing film, which it could be zero due to them slipping backward because men’s domain in the industry such as in screenwriter, editor, and executive producer. Hollywood believe to brew fear and sexism, which women working in the industry make less money than men and women find it difficult to speak out. Women are discriminate for not succeeded in making movies because they…

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