Walt Disney International Marketing Strategy

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Competing in International Markets The Walt Disney Company is aware that the company had to expand its business and operation in the global market, not only because it was convenient for the company, but also because it was necessary to satisfy customers and demand. Globalization generates a great impact on this company because it helps to spread out their services and products. Today, most kids know Mickey Mouse due to globalization effects, and many people know what this company has to offer. As demand increases, the Walt Disney company has to come out with ideas to make its operations more efficient and effective, but also the company has to keep growing by adopting systems that help to achieve lower costs through economies of scale, acquire …show more content…
According Arthur, Peteraf. M, Gamble, J. and A.J. III (2012), “A multidomestic strategy (think local, act local) is appropriate for companies that must vary their product offerings and competitive approaches from country to country in order to accommodate different buyer preferences and market conditions” (p. 205). Disney applies this approach by changing languages in their movies, series and cartoons, and the presentation of the products or producing series with a specific country with help of strategic alliances and partnerships, which helps to globalize what is local and localize what is global. Disney uses cross-border resources sharing and low-cost capability transfer to gain competitive advantage; the differentiation of their core resources with universal appeal and recognition allow the company share techniques and information with other theme parks as it earns strength in the global market. Disney successfully and actively work to transfer their business model to other part of the world and serve more international …show more content…
Most people grow with their products and services; from watching movies to attending to its theme parks more than once. Based on the industry, its products and services the company uses a broad differentiation strategy because of its uniqueness and difficulty to copy or recreate.
The company opted for a blue-ocean type of offensive strategy to reach its success. The success of its operations and results, gives The Walt Disney the confidence to be the first-mover in its segment market. to strengthen the company’s position, the firm expands its horizontal scope by acquisitions, vertical scope and includes outsourcing, strategic alliances and partnerships in its operations. Finally, the company uses a transactional strategy approach for competing internationally and uses cross-border resources sharing and low-cost capability transfer to gain competitive advantage. The company must consider competing in developing-economy markets to access more opportunities for

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