Disillusion In The Great Gatsby

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For a long time, the American dream has been the idea in every American’s heart. They were attracted deeply by it and believed that in this free land, everyone enjoyed the equal opportunity, and if they worked hard, they would become a millionaire from a poor guy even without a pair of shoes. However, American Dream has become an increasingly significant theme in American literature of the 20th century. Fitzgerald names that period “the Jazz Age”. The American Dream is loaded with more connotation of pursuing money. Dream is illusory and inevitable. Its ending is harsh disillusion. At the same time, disillusion is the beginning of dream.
Jay Gatsby, the hero of the novel The Great Gatsby, is not only a representative of the ideal and the reality
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In this novel, the conflict between Tom and Gatsby, also represented the gap and conflict between two classes—the old rich and the new rich. The new rich were from pool family and they tried their best to earn money, including industrialists, speculators, and businessmen. The old rich, represented by Tom and Daisy, were mainly aristocratic families. Though they were both rich people, they had different social status. Though they attended parties held by Gatsby and enjoyed a good time, they didn't accept Gatsby as a member of them. Gatsby's experience is just a joke to them.
Throughout this novel, The Causes of the disillusion of Gatsby's American Dream has a certain connection with its specific social environment. On the surface, the end of Gatsby is only the victim of love. But in fact, he is the victim of the American Dream. Love and friendships are based on money and material; everyone lived only for their own interests, which must show the nature of selfishness, greed and indifference in dealing with people. In the end, Gatsby's American dream and love dream ended in failure. Gatsby paid a high price for his

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