Disgrace, By. Coetzee Essay

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Disgrace, a novel by J.M.Coetzee presents how two different situations perceived as similar circumstances. What is evident in the novel was the power struggle David encountered throughout the book with mainly the female characters. This book touches on a few moments when different characters experience the shame of themselves or someone else. That said, what may catch one 's attention was the sexual violation, experienced by Melanie Isaacs and Lucy Lurie. Although, one latest for a couple of weeks and the other came and went in a blink of an eye. It resonates how two different situations are resulting in the same outcome. The results of these two pivotal moments in the novel, which lead, was rape. These two moments not only changed the lives of Melanie and Lucy but also of the main character David Lurie in which the novel centers around. These two developments depict in this story, is about, the disgrace the characters had to suffer, to overcome the situation that they put themselves in or the ones that they had to endure by life occurrences.
The narrator introduces Melanie into the novel as a charismatic, sympathetic young lady. The setting was that of a light rainy afternoon, but not necessarily gloomy. Unknown to Melanie, David is captivated by her, he recognizes her as one of his students, it is at that moment that David decides he will seduce. As she questions his desire, Lurie is quick to tell her “Because a woman’s beauty does not belong to her alone (16).”…

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