Disgrace : A Grave For Lurie 's Perspectives Essay

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Disgrace: A Grave For Lurie’s Perspectives David Lurie was part of the white South Africa, a typical representative of the European settles. This factor made him enjoyed a life full of social privileges and distinctions because his race, position and occupation. At that point of his life the only important matter for him was sexual pleasure as part of his perverted life. However, it did not last for too long. Just after he admit his guilt and immorality, he was forced to face a life of disgrace and shame. Since then, Lurie’s perspectives started to fall to the floor and he had to see this new dark world from another point of view. Disgrace not only describes the darkness of post-apartheid South Africa, it also challenges David 's perspectives which completely differ from his daughter 's perspectives on how to solve the problems they both have to face during the novel. The father-daughter relationship, the race issue and rape constitutes important reasons why the novel constitutes a grave for David Lurie’s perspectives. Even Lucy was raised for two professional parents, she chose a different lifestyle, nothing related with the accommodated life that white people used to have on post-apartheid South Africa. The relationship between her and David was perfect just before her rape. However, it changed dramatically when David and Lucy’s problem solving to this tragedy did not match very well. From this moment, Lurie’s perspectives began to turn around against himself.…

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