Discuss Ways in Which Edward Thomas Presents Feelings About Death in ‘Rain’

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“Remembering again that I shall die”

Discuss ways in which Thomas presents feelings about death in ‘Rain’

The oblivion of nothing is accepted by Edward Thomas as he contemplates over the nature of both life and death. Aside, Thomas’ usual theme of preserving England’s nature a theme of isolation, darkness and melancholy takes over in ‘Rain’ and was, understandably, common within poets around the First World War. In particular Thomas’ collection is reflective of the work by Thomas Hardy and Wilfred Owen. Introspection of Thomas’ own death is portrayed in ‘Rain’ and ‘The Glory’.

Thomas is particularly affected by the contemplation of the effects of war due to the brutality and inhumanity. Words such as ‘broken’, ‘pain’, ‘solitary’
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Although similar poets the World War 1 era looked at the effects of war all poets revealed different perspectives. In ‘The Solider’ by Rupert Brooke the poet looks at his own significance of his life after death by asking the reader to think of ‘forever England’, unchanged and undamaged, ‘if I [he] should die’ rather than contemplating the negative side of death unlike Thomas does so in ‘Rain’. A further contrast to make would be with Wilfred Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ as it reveals the horror of war and the deaths of soldiers, rather than looking at his own suffering and death. Another comparison to make is with the poem ‘A Man I Killed’ by Thomas Hardy who identifies not what war does to the villages back home but what war does to the soldier. His introspection of his actions suggest his guilt and shame of killing a man who, if ‘met where any bar is’, would be a simple friend. This is complimented by the suggestion of the analogy between ‘broken reeds’ and broken men as a result of the war within the poem ‘Rain’.

Thomas further expresses his identification of death through the structure of the poem. Particularly his experimentation of spondee and iambic pentameter is used to show the continuity of the rainfall and perhaps reflects the sense of infinite damage due to the war and vulnerability for soldiers in the war, including the exposure of Thomas’ life. Further, the use of blank verse conveys Thomas’ thought process as

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