Discuss the Way in Which Scout Changes in to Kill a Mockingbird.

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10/03/2011 GCSE English Flexi Study
Discuss the way in which Scout changes and Develops during the course of To Kill a Mockingbird. 1st draft
In the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" each of the main characters changed quite a bit. Through the experiences each character went through and the natural maturing that occurred in each of them, the characters were altered from the way they were at beginning of the book. The children, Scout and Jem, were the two most dramatically changed characters. However, Scout showed much more change than Jem did because of his mysterious hidden attitude. Scout matured from a helpless and naive child into a much more experienced and grown-up young lady.
As a growing young girl, Scout was learning and
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By the end of the book, Scout even finally begins to call him by his real name, Arthur Radley, or Mr. Arthur, instead of the nickname giving to him by the townspeople, Boo Radley. When Arthur saves the children's lives the night Bob Ewell attacks them, Scout finally has her chance to see him. Without even being told, she knows that it is him. Instead of acting like a child about it, she maintains a very mature and adult-like attitude. She escorts him "to the chair farthest from Atticus and Mr. Tate. It was in a deep shadow. Boo would feel more comfortable in the dark." At the end of the night, she walks him home and says goodnight to him, all the while acting like it was an everyday occurrence. She stepped up to the plate of adulthood, ignoring her childhood innocence to make this man feel as relaxed possible.
Atticus was Scout's main source of valuable lessons, as he taught Jem and Scout very essential things about life on a daily basis. Scout looked up to Atticus and had tremendous respect for him, so she took everything he told her very seriously. Each lesson he taught her, she hung on to desperately and remembered it in her daily life. He once told her that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because all they do is sing their hearts out and don't bother anybody. She remembers this throughout the three years that the novel covers. She even her life also with more than one person. When Jem was acting strangely and not talking to her

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