Discrimination In Arab Society

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The people getting stereotyped the most today are Arab Muslims, as in many countries, they are known as “terrorists”. Other countries have affected us Arabs in good and bad ways. Most Arabs suffer depression due to living a different way than the rest of the world. For instance, when other parts of the world call us “terrorists”, it makes us Arabs feel weak. Why do most non-Arab countries see us as “terrorists”? We need to try to change the way people think of us, so people can stop agreeing with the media. Furthermore, this situation leads to Arabs hating themselves and their lives, which leads to many emotional distresses and diseases.

Living in an Arab society can cause depression and hatred of the Arab lifestyle. What I hate the most
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I am a feminist and I believe in women’s rights. For example, in Arab countries men are called "the man of the house" while most women are working harsher and longer than men and still don’t receive the title of "the woman of the house". In Saudi Arabia, women are forced to wear clothes that cover every inch of their body while men can do or wear whatever they want. My religion, Islam has portrayed women in a different way than they are being treated now. Islam’s holy book, the Quran, states that women have more rights than men; Saudi Arabia is considered too religious and so they follow everything in our Quran except the women thing, which kind of makes them hypocritical, which then starts a thing called men versus …show more content…
We all love our countries, I love my country but some things make me hate it, sometimes. Things have to change. Parents here are very strict and care mostly about their children’s reputation. The majority of the people here are close-minded, but my parents aren’t. In Kuwait, if you have a bad reputation, then you basically have lost your future. It is another reason why the people and society here make many people, including me, devastated. We don’t have freedom of speech and anything we say about the royal family or the government could lead us to jail. Everything is censored like books, magazines, normal pictures, etcetera. I wanted to be an actress growing up, but here, I can’t study what I want to do in life. Have you ever wanted to do something you were born to do, but society let you down? Everyone has to be a doctor or at least engineer, if not, then we’re considered failures, which is shocking. I have to live with it because this is the "Arab lifestyle". Sometimes, I feel like I’m living on different planet since our society and lifestyle is so different from the rest of the

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