Discrimination In African American History

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In 1914 the discrimination to the black lives began, they were mistreated by other races who they were not familiar with. During War World I when Adolf Hitler was in the move to run the world he took advantage with his army and treated the african americans like slaves. The African Americans were tortured and even killed. Many African American women were raped and then killed, their children were abandoned and left alone. Adolf Hitler always believed that the white race was supreme, black people and such as other races who did not blend with his color were garbage to him. At one point Adolf had enough power to kill, to experiment the people who were weak and not up against him. Discrimination after 41 years began to be defended, after many people were hurt, others lost loved ones because race was such a big deal. The mexican race was really hurt as well, they were treated disrespectfully like the African Americans. By 1955 a black woman who refused to …show more content…
Rosa states “ i would go to school by foot because it was mandatory for the African American students and for the whites there was a special bus to take them.” Having a special bus for another group of people does not seem like they have equal rights because of their race. Race is just a title to the book but many don't know the story inside of it. African Americans suffered through a good amount of time and were treated unequal. Discrimination against the black lives matter, they are living lives just like the rest of the people; they feel the same way as we do and are capable of doing what everyone else does. In my opinion the treatment of having them as slaves is a crucial position to keep them in, to whip them, lynch them or get beat by crowds and called names such as nigger is painful to them, it causes suicidal act, it shows weakness from them and causes them to feel the way they are

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