Essay on Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination

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Discrimination is very negative word when any type of discrimination is happening there is usually a conflicting environment surrounding that area. Discrimination can happen anywhere school, public places, politics, law, or workplaces. I think that discrimination is a way people who think the are better then someone can put them down, I have first handed seen discrimination towards my friends and towards of me because of my religion or ethnicity. Discrimination is a type of hate speech and it can be acted towards anyone because they are different sometimes it can be race or gender. Discrimination is a part of our life which sometimes we are the victim or sometimes we are discriminating the victim I believe that we all have once in our life treated someone differently because in a way we feared them. Discrimination can be seen in very different elements such a physical abuse or sexual harassment. Discrimination is very hard to prove that it is happening because there is no physical abuse. Why does discrimination occur at work, what are side effects of discrimination at the workplace, and what are ways to deal and prevent discrimination at work. Discrimination usually occurs out of fear when one employee wants to put the other employee down or the boss discriminates to feel superior. Discrimination includes prejudice where you about someone before knowing them and stereotype where you have a fixed image of someone because of there race, religion, or beliefs. When prejudice…

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