Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination is embedded in the cultural fabric of the United States through access to housing, employment, health, and the justice system and therefore sensitizes those who have traditionally been discriminated against to recognize it. Policies that have been implemented to counter this discrimination have recently been decried as going so far as to implement “reverse discrimination” because of the benefits they inure to those who have historically been harmed at the expenses of the majority. Reverse discrimination occurs when those in power discriminate against members of the majority group in favor of the minority group (Lerner & Nagai, 2000).This type of discrimination includes policies such as preferential hiring and college admissions based upon forcing the creation of a diverse student body (Camara & Orbe, 2011; Sowell, 2011). Many argue that policies which enact a form of reverse discrimination are unfair for those currently burdened because they bear no personal fault for the past suffering incurred by other ethnic groups (Fraja, 2005; Menache & Kleiner, 1999).
Scholars on the other side of the argument justify such policies leading to so called “reverse discrimination” because empirical studies actually show that such policies advancing minorities actually lead to a higher utilitarian welfare function by maximizing total income (Fraja, 2005). Scholars on this side of the issue also highly contest, based on some empirical evidence, whether institutionalized…

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