Essay about Discrimination And Oppression Of A Multi Faceted Society

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Emphasising on today 's multi-faceted society this essay will describe discrimination and oppression giving the effects it can have. It will then progress to evaluate the role of two informal measures in enhancing equality for one minority group within society.

Today 's society is one that is multi-faceted. We now live in a world filled with difference, from race, to religion, from sexual preference to individuality. As a society we need to recognise and accept everyone, trying not discriminate and oppress against. This is very hard, sometimes discrimination can happen even when we do not realise we do it. To understand the effects discrimination and oppression has, we need to first explain what discrimination and oppression is.

Discrimination and oppression are closely linked. Discrimination can be described as a positive or negative attitude toward an individual or groups. It is simply when you single out, or treat some one or some groups differently within society. Thompson 2011 defines discrimination as a process, which gives unequal opportunities to certain people or groups. Oppression differs as it is defined as being cruel or inhumane treatment by one authoritative group over another. Thompson describes the link as discrimination giving rise to oppression stating “discrimination is the process and oppression is the outcome” (Thompson 2011)

Though there are legislations in place to stop discrimination from happening, it still continues to do so. Equality Act 2010…

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