Discrimination And Ethnicity And Gender Essay

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Claim: To be completely honest, I would imagine that I would be quite uncomfortable confronting a colleague that was favoring students based on ethnicity and gender. “In some cases, this discomfort is related to the teacher’s inability or unwillingness to examine his or her attitudes toward members of gender, racial, ethnic, or sexual groups different from his or her own. “ (Pg. 154) I do consider myself a fair person, and would not purposely discriminate against or favor any particular student. However, I am aware that we are all humans and we all make mistakes. With that in mind, I also find one of the biggest challenges for teachers is working to control their dispositions. Children are exceptionaly good at picking up subtleties in the attitudes and actions of adults. For the sake of the students’ welfare I would absolutely confront the colleague, and work with them to change their current favoring practices. I would also be willing to involve administrators when necessary. Evidence: Step 1: The first step would be to openly and honestly confront the colleague. I would use clear examples that I have witnessed or been alerted to that have led me to suspect favoritism based on ethnicity and gender. I will presume that the teacher is unaware of their behavior and would work to correct the situation, unless they suggest otherwise. “...sometimes teachers are not aware of the messages they convey through their attitudes, comments, or behaviors toward various groups of…

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