Discrimination Against Same Sex Marriage Essay

810 Words Oct 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Around the world there are many different conflicts with race. In India they are discriminating on these who are darker than the norm in that country. This is just one example of discrimination around the world, there are many more. When it comes to America we deal with it every day. Most think in America we just deal with the disagreement between African Americans and cautiousness. However, there is much more that goes on every day that deals with discrimination. Unfortunate, we are dealing with the discrimination against same sex marriage. As Americans we see discrimination ever day due to the hatred against African American, same sex marriage and the dramatic way people look in their appearance.
Today Racism has been a bigger problem with police brutality with African American male and sometime female being beat or killed by Caucasian police officer for a crime they dint commit. For example, the police officer who shot Trayvon Martin just because he thought he was dangerous because he had a hoodie on and he was caring skittles walking down the street in Florida. He was just 17 year old boy. Who was visiting some family in another town and he decide to go walk to the store by his cousin house to get snakes. Worst of all, African American women was arrested for traffic stop that she did not commit, but was treated very bad by the officer. The next day she was found dead in her cell. The officer that rested her mad all kinds of threats about king her. She was only 28 years…

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