Essay about Discrimination Against People With Disabilities

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First, ableism is defined as discrimination against people with a disability. Second, heterosexism is when people are predigesting actions against homosexuals. Lastly, sexism is the devaluing a person base on traditional gender roles. These are the three forms of oppression that are defined by Griscom’s writing, and are used to articulate the social perception that people with disabilities endure. Throughout Bartlett’s and Griscom’s writing’s they express the three forms of oppression based of the disabilities presented in the stories. In Bartlett’s piece “Misconceptions Regarding the Body” it discusses how people interact with one other. More Specifically, how people react to ones’ disability. To add on to that, the ramifications that it has on people with disabilities, can cause emotional detachment to society. This is reflected from people making them feel unintelligent or as if they are not even a member of society, when Bartlett expressed how “Waitress asks my companion what I want to order” (P. 481). This is a direct representation of ableism, of people defining others by their disabilities. Not to mention, by talking down as if they can’t comprehend because they have a have a different appearance than most. Adding to that, society has a twisted way of making people feeling alone, as if they are inadequate to perform daily tasks alone. Uniquely, in Bartlett’s situation she has two master’s degrees and is a professor, and is a completely able bodied person that can…

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