Discrimination Against Immigrants During The Middle East Essay

1068 Words Mar 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Germany is openly welcoming immigrants from all over Europe, particularly Syria, Turkey, Italy, and Greece. Members of various religions, such as Islam, are also being welcomed into the country. Although Germany, as a state, is allowing immigrants, the citizens are not accepting immigrants into society. German people do not believe these refugees belong in their beloved country. This sense of nationalism has lead to riots, violence, and public humiliation throughout the country. The heavy influx of immigrants is also starting to drastically change the racial makeup of the country, which is currently 95% German (CIA). Discrimination of immigrants in Germany stems from a previously homogeneous society, which has led to tension between the state and it’s citizens as well as change in the racial diversity of the country. Discrimination against immigrants based on race and/or religion is a major issue in modern day Germany. Many people are traveling from the War torn Countries of the Middle East, across southern European borders, particularly those in Greece, and further north towards Germany. Germany has become a magnet for refugees because of their economic prosperity, political tolerance, liberal asylum laws, and the constitutional guarantee of asylum, for persons persecuted on political grounds (Thomson 277). Because of this, immigrants from all over the world are flooding into Western Europe, aiming to get into Germany. Since 2014, Germany has allowed over one million…

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