Discrimination : A Good Picture Of Discrimination Essay

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David A. Robinson depicted a very good picture of discrimination in the workforce, in his book Workplace Discrimination. This book has a lot of great advice for managers and business owners to help prevent discrimination. This book is focused to prevent discrimination in the first place. (Page 4) He refers to the acronym REGARDS to remember the categories of discrimination. (Page 6) I will explain the meanings of each letter in this paper and tell how it will be useful to me as a manager and how it would be helpful to a organization and its managers.
The “R” represents race. To help prevent race discrimination Robinson suggests being color blind. He also states “You should not even mention race or skin color in the workplace unless you really have to. “(Page 11) If you would like to discuss race then do so outside of work and not with employees. When it comes to race you should not hire or fire because of the color of one’s skin.
If you are hiring and both applicants have equal resumes you should not hire because one is white, black, green, red, or any other color. The “E” represents ethnicity which is very similar to race. I disagree with what the book says on SAT testing on page 16. If we should be color blind then it should not matter what color student you are who took the SAT. What should matter is the grade. If everyone is green in our eyes when the papers are graded it would not matter if the person was white or black it should just matter on the test scores. If you…

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