Discipline Is The Process Of Teaching Someone Proper Behavior

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Redet Woldemariam
Discipline is the process of teaching someone proper behavior. It includes teaching them how to follow rules using different tools and technique like positive reinforcement after good behavior, and appropriate punishments. Punishments are effective if applied correctly. Punishment alone does not help the student to have good behavior. Children need to be loved and cared for with good support system.
Some of the reasons students to misbehave are when they are seeking attention, lack of engagement, and lack of self- Confidence. When students lack the attention and love they seek they tend to act out and try to receive attention other ways. Giving students love and attention is one of the main effective ways to keeping students motivated and follow rules. Lack of engagement and stimulation is another reason a student might become disobedient. Students need excitement and activities to keep them busy. They do not have a lot of patience. They need to be involved with things that satisfy their curiosities. When a student has a lack of self- Confidence, they tend to act out when they are falling behind or to avoid participating in classroom activities. The current school discipline issues are the discipline technique that are being used and the extreme punishments children are receiving. Some of these techniques are long timeouts, detention, kicking them out of class, in and out of school suspension, expelling, and some even use corporal punishment. The problem…

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