Discharge Process And The Patient 's Dissatisfaction With Discharge Instructions

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Discharge process is one of the most important pieces of a hospital stay because here patients become responsible of their own care.in this case the patients are given instructions on how to get better. This is done by scheduling follow up appointments and taking of medication. The information that is given to the patient is very crucial in relation to their outcome yet it is extremely overwhelming for a patient to comprehend and remember. Most of the patients are usually obstructed during this process due to anxiety of getting out of the hospital and get to their homes. Ethical, economic, legal, and political issues are some of the factors that adversely affect Patient 's dissatisfaction with discharge instructions.
During discharge process some ethical issues arise leading to patients dissatisfaction for instance the nurse fails to issue adequate discharge instructions to the patient thus results in failure of the patient to understand medication regime and also do not understand on how to manage their care and hence the patient does not fully recover. All the discharge procedure should be fully noted in discharge summary and a copy issued to the patient. (Camicia, Black, Farrell,Waites,Wirt, & Lutz, 2014)
Follow up is very important after the patient has been discharged from the hospital. A health care provider is supposed to ensure patients follow up so as to know the progress of the recovering patient. It becomes unethical when the nurse fails to make a follow up. A…

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