Abstinence Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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A recent study from 2013 has shown 30% of 9th graders admitted to having sexual intercourse before or during that school year. With that amount of sexual activity at such a young age what precautions are being taught in order to protect the youth of tomorrow? In America 37 states have a specific law that requires abstinence only teaching, and 27 of those require the the abstinence be stressed within the lectures (Amanda Beadle). With abstinence being one of the main concepts of sexual education in school systems, students today are not properly learning that sex is an everyday occurrence. Without correct teaching of comprehensive sex, students are shaded from possible scenarios that will probably happen to them later on in life. For example, …show more content…
That is something the students choose themselves whether they do or do not have the proper knowledge to actually understand what they are doing is what the schools to teach them. Therefore, if abstinence only sex was to be taught in schools sexually transmitted diseases would spread just the same if not more because less people would be using contraceptives (The Truth About Abstinence-Only Programs). Abstinence only sex does not lessen the amount of sex teenagers have. Just like comprehensive sex education does not increase the amount of sex that teenagers have, so things like purity pledges and only teaching abstinence is not the best way to prepare students. Sex is a natural human process and is done safely can be a fun enjoyable thing for two people. Some may choose to wait for marriage, but there should not be scare tactics used in class rooms to make it seem wrong if someone doesn’t want to wait until marriage. This whole concept that comprehensive sex education does not teach about abstinence is incorrect. That alone provides enough evidence to support the fact that abstinence only sex is not the most effective sex education to teach in schools, and comprehensive sex is. Even if the children are young they will know have full knowledge and understanding as to what sex

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