Hunger Interview Essay

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In my interview with Lorraine Guillen, she was able to help me understand why many children in many cases do not express their needs of hunger. She mentioned that many children are either embarrassed or afraid to admit they are hungry (L. Guillen, personal communication, September 27, 2016). Lorraine also found that when a child is often hungry in school, it is very likely they come from a family living in poverty (L. Guillen, personal communication, September 27, 2016). Since children are less likely to admit their family is living in poverty or how they do not have food at home, they pick up on it through different routes. Lorraine said she relies on observations to tell her when a child is hungry (L. Guillen, personal communication, September 27, 2016). She looks out for children who are depressed and who are often …show more content…
I have learned that the problem is not a shortage of food. Around 40% of food in the U.S goes to waste each year (End Food Waste Now, 2013). This goes to show that the issue doesn’t lie in the shortage of food; it lies in the distribution of food. We definitely have enough food to support everyone in our community. The distribution of food in our community needs to be better distributed. We need more programs that help recover food that would otherwise go to waste and distribute that food to populations such as food insecure children that really need it. One organization that comes to mine is the Food Recovery Network. I have had the honor and privilege of being a part of this amazing organization. This organization consists of college students who fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food from both campus and the community and donate it to those that are in need (Food Recovery Network, 2016). I feel more organizations like this would help improve services for food insecure children in the Donna Anna

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