Dinosaur Classification, Characteristics And Feathers Essay

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Dinosaur Classification, Characteristics and Feathers Did you know there is strong evidence that the Tyrannosaurus Rex had feathers on its body? This is one of the points this paper will talk about. More specifically, theropod dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were creatures that lived on this planet from 230 million years ago to 66 million years ago and we have been digging up their fossilized bones for centuries (“Dinosaur Days”). The largest ever recorded was the Amphicoelias and the smallest was Anchiornis. This paper is divided into three groups, each discussing different topics pertaining to dinosaurs. The main points will be the classification of dinosaurs and the appearance of feathers on them. More specifically the points are the Saurischians and the behaviors of dinosaurs in that group, the Ornithischians including the behaviors of the dinosaurs. And the evidence of feathers or ‘proto-feathers’ on various theropods (“Science and Tech: Dinosaurs”). First off are the two basic classifications of dinosaurs based on their hip structure. One of the two is the group known as the Saurischians. Saurischia in greek means ‘Lizard Hip joint’ (Farke). The two groups were classified by british paleontologist Harry Seeley in 1888 It included two types of dinosaurs, Sauropods and Theropods. Examples of Saurischians include Brachiosaurus and Amargasaurus, both of which are sauropods or long necked herbivorous dinosaurs, and the Theropods or bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs like Allosaurus,…

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