Dilemmas Of The Virtue Ethics

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$40,000, what could you do with that kind of money? How about giving it away to a list of people in a different situation who all desperately need it. However, there is a catch; you can only choose one to help? In this scenario, there are 10 different situations (listed below) who need the $40,000 to make any kind of difference, and only one situation will receive the assistance. This is one type of dilemma a social worker could face daily. Therefore, in the dilemma I would choose my 60-year-old father who needs a heart transplant because this dilemma does not specify where this amount the money came from?
1. A premature infant (born 3 months early) who needs to be maintained in an incubator and receive medical benefits.
2. A 52-year-old
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I choose the situation where my 60-year-old father who needs a heart transplant to receive the money. My decision was made because of the fact that this approach states, “there are no general rules for good or right action” (). It also says, “One does the right thing as a result of virtues that are taught from youth” (). Following the approach, I choose what I thought was right. Who can say I made the wrong choice when I could be following what I have been taught my whole life, “family always come first”. Also according to the article “Ethics and Conduct in Self-directed Group work: Some Lessons for the Development of a More Ethical Social Work Practice, “values are most of the time very central in the process, in ethical decision-making” (). Values can be personal and that is what I based my decision off as well, a personal love for my …show more content…
This contemporary approach states that hard cases or situations are resolved “not by rules but by virtue, or “what is the right thing to do” (). Therefore, if someone were to oppose my decision he or she could argue that choosing my own father is wrong. In addition, this approach is made of 6 principles, courage, faithfulness, wisdom, kindness, courtesy, and respectfulness that dictate the foundation of Confucian. The principle, kindness can be a major weapon when opposing my decision. Someone could say that not giving the $40,000 to someone else is selfish, and breaks Confucian

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