Digital Technology As A Driving Force Of Social Change Within Society

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Digital technologies can be considered to be a driving force of social change within society. Many people claim that digital technologies are changing our social life, which I can understand, but technologies do not just appear to change our lives and make us act and behave differently. Digital technologies are developed out of a social need. It is society’s social factors like cultural norms, economic pressures and legal regulations that create these needs and will then influence how new technologies are developed and used. In this essay I will be discussing the digital technology of the Internet within the two theories that have opposite opinions of how digital technologies drive social change. The first is ‘Technological Determinism Theory’, and the second is ‘The Social Construction of Media Theory’. Even though it is obvious that in todays society we socialise and communicate in a completely different way than we did 30 years ago, which we could claim that this change has occurred due to technology, it is also more obvious that this change has occurred because more social needs, like consistent communication, has developed and technology has been made to suit these needs.

The first theory is The Social Construction of Technology. This view argues that technology is subject to social agency but agrees that each technology can place constraints on the way people do use them. Yet it is good to point out that humans do have the power to act and are respectively given a…

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