Digital Streaming - Is It The Future Of Broadcasting? Essay

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Digital Streaming – Is it the future of Broadcasting?
Digital Streaming is a new way to transfer information and media from one place to another, in which the data is compressed and sent via the internet to the recipient. (US Patent No. US6445797 B1, 1998) The primary distinction between this and traditional broadcasting is that there is no requirement for the data to be saved or stored on a hard drive before viewing. Since its inception, this technology has quickly evolved to become one of the biggest threats to the medium of traditional broadcasting, along with institutions such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and International television (ITV). The Digital Streaming in question can be experienced in many ways but for the purpose of this essay I will be focussing on the subscription based digital streaming services that have reached widespread popularity over the last decade. Such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. When these services were first created, they solely bought syndication licensing rights off of broadcasting and film companies. However, as the digital streaming industry has evolved, they have begun to create their own original exclusive content.
Some of the primary modern sources of mass digital streaming are subscription based streaming services. These streaming services buy distribution rights for TV shows and films from several different content creators, producers, Distributors and companies. They choose the shows they purchase rights to…

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