Digital, Platform, And Language Imperialism : An Analysis Of Cultural Imperialism

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Digital, Platform, and Language Imperialism: An analysis of Cultural Imperialism
This essay will explore the effects of a globalized digital era towards a standardized culture around the world. It will start with the evolution of imperialism by western nations, in particular by US, through the utilization of Web 2.0 and digital platforms. This essay will focus on cultural imperialism as the internet becomes a tool by influential countries to implement their cultures upon others, focusing on how USA has been building a strong and influential power over other less-dominant countries. This essay will highlight American imperialism as an integral component of Western imperialism and language imperialism as part of this the westernization process. It will look on statistics and figures regarding America’s longstanding domination within the Web 2.0, thus spreading American culture globally while imperializing and rendering other cultures insignificant.

Digital Imperialism
Cultural imperialism refers to the unequal relationship between different nations, in which it favors the more powerful culture, usually imposed by a more politically influential country over less dominant society. The action of cultural imperialism promotes a hegemony by influential nation that determine the general values and standard culture (Downing, Mohammadi and Sreberny-Mohammadi, 1995).

Cultural imperialism is even further implemented due to the global proliferation of access to the Web…

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