Different Types Of Energy Essay

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Explain the different energy forms (e.g. chemical, heat, sound, electrical, light)

There are many types of energy such as chemical, heat, sound, electric and light. Examples of these are electrical coming from kinetic energy the movement of two objects moving together. Then there is chemical energy which is stored in bonds of chemical compounds, the product of chemical energy is heat. This comes from certain objects and sources such as biomass, batteries, natural gas used in central heating; these are all examples of chemical energy which is stored. In relation to the energy in the body the coal is the equivalent of the food and the saliva and chewing of the food is the spark for the energy to be produced, it’s like a little spark for the
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This is important in energy metabolism as it allows the energy used from our food such as the glucose we get from our carbohydrates giving us energy. This then allows this energy to be transferred and used as kinetic energy when we are exercising which then gives off heat, or stored as chemical energy in the tissues in the body. However if we consume too much fat this will not be used as energy to keep us warm it will be stored as fat. https://www.boundless.com/physics/textbooks/boundless-physics-textbook/work-and-energy-6/power-65/humans-work-energy-and-power-287-6037/ Explain the role of energy in the body?

The role of energy in the body comes in different types. However the most common form is chemical energy. This creates bonds that bind together atoms and molecules. The food we eat is stored as chemical energy; they form chains of food molecules, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is needed for the body systems to work such as the musculoskeletal system. Also for the cardiovascular system to work so blood is circulated all the way around the body, as respiration needs to occur, this means breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. This then allows the nervous system and the production of new cells to aid growth and repair within the
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Mainly because the cells within the body need energy and through the catabolic process of breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins the cells are provided with energy. The nutrients that have been broken down are enabled to be absorbed in the blood stream to do specific jobs, such as cellular respiration. It then captures the energy in a particular molecule called ATP. This is controlled by certain hormones that help the balance to be right such as epinephrine which come from the fight or flight system in the body (adrenaline). Also and thyroxine which monitors the breakdown of

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