Different Types Of Car Engines Essay

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Engines are one of the main parts on a car, No car can work without an engine. There are two different types of car engines one is gas turbine and the other is diesel engines. There is also an external combustion engine for example a steam boat or train. For internal combustion engines if you put a high energy gas in a small, enclosed space and ignite it, it will have an incredible amount of energy released.

The first step is the piston will start at the top then the intake valve will open and the piston will move down to let the engine take in a cylinder that is filled with air and gas. This is an intake stroke; you only need a very small drop of gas to be mixed in to the air for this to work. The second step is the piston will then move back to compress the air and fuel mixture. Compression will make this explosion more powerful. The third step is when the piston is on top of its stroke the spark plug will ignite a spark to the gasoline. The gas charge inside of the cylinder will explode when driving the piston down. Then step four when the piston hit the bottom of the stroke the exhaust valve will open and then the exhaust will leave the cylinder and make its way to the tailpipe. So now the engine is okay to go into the next cycle so it will intake a charge of gas and air. The motion that will come out of the internal combustion engine is rotational.
There are a lot of basic engine parts; the main part of the engine is the cylinder, with the piston moving up and…

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