Essay about Different Styles Of Parenting Styles

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Let’s begin with an overview of the types of parenting styles; there is permissive, uninvolved, authoritative and authoritarian. Permissive parenting is a type of parenting style distinguished by very little requests or needs but with high responsiveness. Permissive parents are more loving and nurturing but they hardly set rules or guidelines. These parents come across more as their children’s friends than an actual parent because they do not expect their children to be mature and act like they have any senses. “Because there are few rules, expectations and demands, children raised by permissive parents tend to struggle with self-regulation and self-control. Based on her research with preschool-age children, developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind described three major parenting styles. In later years, researchers would continue to investigate the different styles of parenting and even added a fourth style. Permissive parenting is one of the original parenting styles described by Baumrind. Permissive parenting is sometimes known as indulgent parenting. Parents who exhibit this style make relatively few demands on their children. Because these parents have low expectations for self-control and maturity, they rarely discipline their children.” “According to Baumrind, permissive parents "are more responsive than they are demanding. They are nontraditional and lenient, do not require mature behavior, allow considerable self-regulation, and avoid confrontation."

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