Different Styles Of Curriculum That Influence How Children Learn On A Daily Basis

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Curriculum is used every day in early childhood education. There are many types and models of curriculum that influence how children learn on a daily basis. Two models of curriculum are Reggio Emilia and High Scope. Many curriculums have things in common; however, they all have things that differ from one another which makes each one different. Reggio Emilia curriculum was founded by Loris Malaguzzi, and inspired by several theorists and beliefs. John Dewey’s progressive education and movement inspired him. Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences was an inspiration. Vygotsky’s belief in the connection between culture and development was an inspiration. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development inspired him as well. Unlike many other curriculum models the Reggio Emilia model does not have a lead teacher or a director of the school. They do have a pedagogistas, and an atelierista. A pedagogistas is someone who is trained in early childhood education. They go and meet with all the teachers on a weekly basis and act as a support system. They make critical connections with the families, school, as well as the community. An aterlierista is a teacher who is trained in visual arts, and they help support the curriculum development of the children and staff members. They work with the teachers as well as the children. The pedigogista and the aterlierista help hold the program together. The term “The Hundred Languages of Children” is the term used that represents the…

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