Different Sexualities In Remember The Alamo By Sandra Cisneros

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Black (2014) noted that gender fluidity or different sexualities “are not always accepted as equals by different cultures, and in many cases, are discriminated against or punished” (para. 9). Some are lucky to have the support system that they need to come out and express themselves the way that they want. Others, not so much. Some cultures are not as acceptant as others when it comes to gender fluidity or different sexualities. People who are gender fluid in non acceptant communities normally hide behind a kind of shadow because they are scared of how their community will react once they come out. Constantly battling with who you are is hard. Only people who are going through this can truly understand how this feels like. However, individuals can read stories of others going through these similar situations and in addition read about characters who are experiencing this. In Sandra Cisneros’ short story, Remember the Alamo, she creates a genderfluid character who …show more content…
Cisneros () underscores Tristan’s need for acceptance when he says, “Say it. Say you want me. Te quiero. Like I want you. Say you love me. Like I love you. I love you. Te quiero, mi querido publico. Te adoro. With all my heart. With my heart and with my body” (pg. 67). In these lines, Tristan is speaking out to someone. We’re not sure exactly who this person is but we can assume that he is talking about those who are supposed to be supporting him. This could be his friends or his family. He is asking them to give him the same love he has given them. He is telling them that he wants them. He so desperately wants for this person to show him affection. In a non acceptant community the love and affection is not received by the individual. This results in the individual feeling unloved and sad. Tristan constantly calls out for help, love, and affection but receives nothing because he is not accepted by his friends, family, or

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