The Alamo Movie Essay

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The film opens up at the point where Santa Anna has gained victory in defeating the American/Texan Army at the Alamo. Sam Houston is then shown being told what occurred at the Alamo. From this point we see the film transitions into a flashback a year before the battle to introduces us to the important people of the battle and show us how it lead to it. We are shown that Sam Houston is at a party where he is talking to people about Texas and how they should immigrate to it. At the party Houston meets up with the famous David Crockett who he invites to come move to Texas also and even guarantees him land. After the party the film then brings us to a meeting of the heads of the Texan government, in the meeting they talk about what they want to do next after the capture of the Alamo and Baxar from Mexico. During the meeting there is a dispute brought up about whether or not they should chose Sam Houston’s plan of leaving Texas and marching into Mexico and Attacking their army because they know that the Mexican’s will try and attack or training the Texan army and making it a well known one. The result of the dispute wasn’t really shown as Jim Bowie interrupts and stops the chaos. But it later showed that Sam …show more content…
For example people like David Crockett and Sam Houston could be seen as immigrants during this time because they came from Tennessee. But today the American people own Texas and the people of Mexico are seen as immigrants. They don’t have possession of the land any more so as they move in they are seen as immigrants and not people of Texas. Because of the way Mexicans are seen today, they indeed can relate to this event. The Mexican Texans that are here today do not have possession of Texas just like the Americans during around the

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