Different Perspectives And Opinions On Nuclear Energy Production

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Various Perspectives and Opinions on Nuclear Energy Production
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Various Perspectives and Opinions on Nuclear Energy Production
The world has developed over the years. These developments have created a dire need for alternative sources of energy. Industrialization has pressurized engineers to come up with alternative sources of energy. One of the best sources of energy identified to run these industries and factories is nuclear energy. Discovery and development of nuclear energy is one of the most significant hallmarks in the energy sector. However, this development has often sparked sharp criticism from environmentalists who argue otherwise. They warn of certain dangers if the world continues to rely exclusively on nuclear energy (Michaelides, 2012). This research explores various perspectives and opinions on nuclear power generation by providing alternative views from experts on technology. In addition, this paper also explores different public opinions on technology, for example, the media, community, and consumers regarding power generation.
Renewable Energy versus Nuclear Power
Much of the twenty-first century research focused on safety issues in nuclear power plants. Over the last decade, discussion about nuclear energy has metamorphosed to a great extent. The dawning of renewable energies has shifted the focus to costs. Today, the cost structure of renewable energy is well understood than during any other…

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