Essay Different Methods Used For Measure Criminal Activity

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In this essay, I will assess the different methods used to measure criminal activity, as well as their effectiveness and limitations. I will be looking to history in order to better understand and compare today 's ways of counting crimes and transforming them into statistics. I will also be questioning the various definitions of crime and what they entail across different cultures.

Before going into detail about how effectively crime can be measured and evaluated, I would first like to mention that the term can be interpreted in different ways across different parts of the world, as I elaborate in one of the further paragraphs. However, in Western societies, I believe that crime can be defined in two ways: on a legislative level (the more formal and realistic approach) and on an overall social level (informal, idealistic). The former, as Morrison (2013: 16) states, is „an act or omission that leads to penal sanction in accordance with the constitutionally valid procedures of that nation state“. The latter, however, is more difficult to define, but I would interpret it as whatever action, or lack thereof, that does a non-withstandable amount of harm to another person or group.

Throughout history, people have been interested in crime: what causes an individual to decide to break the law, where is criminal activity more common, what kind of person is more likely to become a criminal, etc. However, if we want to take a broader look at this type of social deviance, we must take…

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