Different Men And Women 's Interactions Essay example

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After observing different men and women’s interactions I did notice some interesting similarities as well as differences. First I notice that men seem to mostly react and speak with little to no restraint. I observed this especially from one man. He often put down people around him especially women, but also used a condescending tone with males. Women responded by ignoring or being completely quite falling in to stereotypical patterns of women. Within our text “looking out looking in” touches base on politeness (pg.190) which is explained to be valued. I do find that it should be valued maybe just not by the man I observed, but by women as well. I think that just as the book mentions “a balance between effectiveness and appropriateness” (pg. 190) becomes very important when men and women communicate. Although, I think that people can contradict the research they can also follow the exact stereotypical ideas about the biological sex. Furthermore, there is another individual that is male that I observed does not participate in saying anything that is disrespectful towards men or women and he does show interest when talking to him. He is not just polite and disproving some of the gender norms (Lecture) but does not show a lot of gender typical interacting (Lecture).

Step 3: Compare the gender research to your own typical behavior. Be sure to also explain how you follow or violate gender norms. Enter your observations directly below: I thought it was interesting…

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