Different Kinds Of Organelles Along Many Differences And Similarities That Come Along With Them

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Organelles There are many different kinds of organelles along with many differences and similarities that come along with them. An organelle is one of the many structures with specialized functions that are located in the cytoplasm. Organelles are tiny, in fact they are microscopic. First off, the cell wall. The cell wall is located in plant cells, in the outer layer. This organelle is described to be rigid, strong, and stiff. The cell wall is made out of cellulose. The cell wall has a couple of functions. It helps support the cell and helps grow it to be tall. The wall provides protection for the cell. It helps H2O, O2, and CO2 to pass either in or out. After the cell wall comes the cell membrane (plasma membrane). The location of the cell membrane is in both plant and animal cells. In a plant cell, it 's inside of the cell wall. In the animal cell, it 's in the outer layer. For the functions, this organelle also helps support and protect the cell. The cell membrane consists of double layers of phospholipids and proteins. It controls the movement of what materials go in and out of the cell. There 's a barrier located between the cell and it 's environment around it. The cell membrane is what maintains homeostasis. The organelle that controls the activities of the cell is the nucleus. It 's found in both plant and animal cells and is large and oval in both. Inside of the nucleus is the nucleolus. The nucleolus is what makes ribosomes which makes proteins. 1-3 nucleoli may…

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