Different Fields Of Community Health And Physical Therapy Ethical Principles

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Ethical Principles In both fields of community health and physical therapy the ethical principles used are similar and may coincide. The first characteristic that I believe would be useful in these fields is leadership. This allows for better developments and improvements. A main few main principles to understand and practice are autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence. Autonomy is important for both community health workers and physical therapists to understand because it is their job to understand that it is not their decision it is solely the patients decision. Beneficence is the act of “doing good”, which is important in all health workers practices. Nonmaleficence is clearly known as “do no harm”, similar to beneficence this is a core principle in any medical practice. Within the medical field there are several characteristics and principles that allow one to become a genuinely great Physical Therapist or Health Educator or Physician or any other profession, but most are from the Pillars of Moral Strength. The Pillars of Moral Strength include: courage, wisdom, temperance, commitment, compassion, conscientiousness, discernment, fairness, fidelity, freedom, honesty, integrity, kindness, respect, hopefulness, and tolerance. Each and every one of these pillars are principles that can create an amazing compassionate and responsible physician. In the act of being courageous can inspire our patients to do the same and face fears. Sometimes just obtaining the information…

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