Different Experiences Of Diabetic Patients And Their Nurses Essay

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Abstract: This study surveyed the different experiences of diabetic patients and their nurses about multiple things like difficulties to participate in diabetes health education, self-care activity completion, and educational needs of diabetic patients. This will promote better health care for patients with diabetes in Taiwan. This study employed a cross-sectional survey. During 2009, the data were collected. Questionnaires were developed for collecting the data on a convenience sample. There were 312 patients with type 2 diabetes and 202 nurses recruited from diabetes clinics. There were significant differences between the nurses’ and patients’ perceptions of diabetes self-care, difficulties in health education and health education needs. Patients believed that their self-care behavior was better as compared with nurses, while patients’ rated their health education needs and difficulties in health education to be lower as compared with nurses.

Conclusions: Health care providers should develop a self-instructional training program for nurses or educators to enhance and update knowledge and skills. Health care providers should develop strategies to manage the transition to diabetic care services. Limitations of the study include the use of a convenience sample and a cross-sectional design. Because non-probability sampling was used, the results of the study cannot be generalized to all patients with diabetes. A qualitative research and other outcome…

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