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Family can be defined in several different ways. The definition changes from person to person due to their own life experiences that led them to define family in such a way. According to (Halter & Varcarolis, 2013) a family is defined in way relationships are mutual and there is a commitment with each other. Over time society has changed and adopted new concepts of the word family because it has become more and more complex due to the untraditional family structures. The best way to describe what family means to me is there is always someone to count on, trust, and provide safety. No matter the circumstance I always can count on those three. The National Health Interview Survey (Blackwell, 2010) recognizes there are seven different types of …show more content…
620). ( Defines family as “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not” My genogram is tightly put together with every family member connected closely to each other. We may have an individual struggle, but the bond throughout the family is strong.
My genogram starts with both sets of grandparents with a linear pathway down to my parents, aunts and uncles, to myself, spouse, siblings and cousins, and ending with my nephew, niece, and second cousins. Established on the definitions of family, I wanted my genogram to represent the connection of each other equally and also show that we are one committed unit (beside one outlaw, my dad’s mom). There are two divorce couples within my family, which is symbolized by two red slash marks over what I thought was the unbreakable blue line. My father’s parents were separated before I was born; my step-grandma in my eyes was and is my true grandma. My father’s mother suffered from substance abuse and Bipolar Disorder. She was unpredictable and unreliable. I have not seen or talked to her in twenty years. The other divorce couple is my parents. They got a divorce when I was two, not because the love for each
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My aunt and uncle on both of my parent sides also show inspiring example of what a good relationship looks like. I hope that my marriage is equally strong and filled with as much love as their relationships are.
I recognize that my family is not perfect, but I do know that everyone in my family has the biggest heart. My family is very caring, loving, and affectionate towards everyone. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that not all families behave this way. I was shocked! I couldn’t comprehend why other families did not should love and affection toward one another. I think that no matter what my family faces this is the reason why we always get through it, no one is fighting their battles alone in my

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