Different Approaches Into Viewing Life Essay

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There are different approaches into viewing life. In the narrative Life in the iron mills, Hugh one of the main characters had a rough time throughout the course of his life. Hugh grew up in a low economic household that required him to work from an early age. Having to work heavy hours with a low wage, throughout the narrative Hugh demonstrates the way he started copping with his meaning of life. Hugh strives to find meaning through his art by expressing his emotions in his art. When a person goes through a traumatic experience this tends to change the perspective of one 's life. According to Emily Smith, “ Having negative events happen to you, decreases your happiness, but increases the amount of meaning you have in life.” People tend to learn from tough situations and they learn to value everything more. This gives their life a different meaning. Throughout the narrative Hugh demonstrated how finding happiness, meaning and injustice in life all has to do with wealth and how people look at each other.
First, Hugh demonstrated through his artwork that sometimes finding the meaning to life means that a person must keep in mind the perception that there is more to life than happiness. Often times, happiness is not reached and it is not the priority of people. However, happiness can be reached, but to only a certain extend. In the article Pursuing Happiness Christina Schubert states, “To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness!…

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