Tommy Douglass Individualism

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There are no two snowflakes alike in this world, and such is true pertaining to human beings. Each individual derives from a unique background, in result shaping them into the person they are, each with their own aspirations and goals. For some people, their vocation is politics. For Tommy Douglas and Ronald Reagan, their calling was such. While these politicians each held their own beliefs and values, they held one common goal as political figures; to improve their homelands to the best of their abilities. Both men led very different lives. Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas was born into the working class in Scotland, and he then later emigrated to Canada with his family, settling in Winnipeg. He was a very religious man, to the point of …show more content…
American President Ronald Reagan had intentions to benefit the common good. Every action and decision he made, whether it was aiding those in financial need or protecting America’s citizens, was made with the collective interest in mind. His actions as President truly reflected the collectivist value of collective interest. For Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas, his views stemmed from a more individualist point of view. The most evident principle of individualism he acted upon was that of self interest. The implementation of healthcare was extracted from a personal experience of Douglas’ and contributed to his belief of one being responsible for their own well being. Enabling healthcare ensured that an individual would be able to look after themselves medical wise. By advocating pension plans, he enabled individuals to be able to sufficiently look after themselves after retirement. He also played a role in advocating on behalf of civil servant rights. Each action Tommy Douglas performed was in the hopes of improving an individual 's quality of life, and the principle of self-interest never left

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