Differences Of Healthcare Systems In France

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Healthcare systems are different in every country. Some systems do not differentiate by much, but are still unique in their own way. The Healthcare systems in France and the United Kingdom do not differ in healthcare immensely, but both have differences that change how effective they are. Methods in which funding is received, healthcare results and effectiveness, income per capita, and a variety of other economic issues that affect healthcare quality will be examined. With the higher expenditure of GDP on healthcare and better overall economy, France seems to have the better healthcare system of the two possible countries. There are a variety of ways that healthcare systems can be handled. Health insurance systems can be public, private, or mixed. A public system is a system in which healthcare is provided to the whole population, instead of individuals, and is supplied by the government.7 A private system is one which insurance is provided by private corporations that do not deal with the government, and healthcare is provided for profit.7 However, a mixed system is a combination of the two. Most countries operate by a mixed system because of the impracticalities and high cost of solely running a public …show more content…
People in France are exposed to more public health insurance, which in turn provides a higher quality of life. The extra money provided by the state allows France to have more physicians than the UK. In 2013, per every 1000 people, there were 3.2 physicians available in France, while in the UK there were 2.8 for every 1000 people.8 The number of available physicians greatly affects the overall quality of healthcare in a country, because with more doctors available there is more time spent with each patient and higher a standard of care can be provided. The French healthcare system is able to give more immediate access to doctors when

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